Sunday, January 10, 2010

2K10 Weigh-ins ~ Week 2

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Starting Weight: 258lbs
2K10 SW: 169lbs
Current Weight: 166 lbs
Weekly Loss: 2 lbs
Total Loss: 92 POUNDS!!!

YES!!!! Another 2 pounds!! This is awesome!! Although I did not stick to the nutritional plan 100% (I would say more around 90% this past week) and I did miss a couple of my planned workouts, I was still expecting a loss. There wasn't one day of inactivity, nor did I go overboard with unhealthy eating. I wanted a loss as well because I just realized that today is the 10th!! One month since my one year anniversary. Time sure flies!! That's a 5 pound loss since Dec 10! Keep in mind, there were a number Christmas celebrations (lunches, parties and potlucks) and the big New Year's Eve celebration as well over this past month! I still managed to lose 5 pounds - I'm pretty thrilled about that!

Now, all the celebrations are over; no more excuses!! It's time to kick it into high gear with the training and eating!! I have a birthday coming up at the end of February which I do intend to celebrate but nothing until then! My plan is to push hardcore until about mid-March when I'll have a guilt free day (St.Patty's Day!) It's all about planning! :))

I will be making some adjustments to the Blueprint workout schedule to include the stair climbing training the Rob (my trainer) will be providing to me. I do have to start conditioning my body to be ready to climb the 1776 steps (approximately 142 flights of stairs) of the CN Tower in April!! I'm really looking forward to it actually. It will be a physical challenge for me. I find it ironic, that one of the factors which contributed to me starting on this weight loss journey was the fact that I could not climb the stairs (15 steps) in my house without needing a break and being incredibly breathless and here I am in just a short few months going to attempt to climb the 1776 steps of one of the tallest structures in the world!!! Amazing! I WILL DO IT!! I WILL!!

As I mentioned, this climb is also for a charitable cause (World Wildlife Fund - WWF Canada). If you would like to sponsor my climb, please click HERE!!!
Any amount will be appreciated! THANKS!!

Tomorrow is the start of a new week. I am cooking and prepping my meals as well as planning to go at it 100% this week. I want to really see a nice loss on that scale next week. NO OPPORTUNITY WASTED (NOW)!!!

Until next time...wishing you all an awesome week!!



Natalia said...

You're doing so great - and you're almost at your goal!

Anonymous said...

Great job!!!

Excellent work on the planning and cooking...we are working O/T next week so I have to make some serious food plans. I am thinking of getting a rolling cooler since I need to bring so much food in. LOL!

Katie said...

Great loss! Have fun training for the Climb. I had a friend do it last year and he said it was tough but so satisfying to get to the top! Wishing you all the best with it!

JewliaGoulia said...

Congrats on the loss! You inspire me!

Keep goin' girl!


South Beach Steve said...

You are still rockin' this thing Joania! Great job!

cmoursler said...

You are doing great joania.
I love watching your weight go down down down...
I can't wait to be in the 160 's too, clear a path for me, O.k.?

Miz said...

you are doing SO GREAT.
have a fantastic week as well.


Tiff said...

Congrats on the loss! I know I've said it before but I'll say it again- you are a beast and you push me to do better!

You rock!

Randi said...

You are doing so well! Before you know it you will hit the 100 lbs lost mark!

Twinkle Eyes said...

Another brilliant weight loss. You're fantastic!! x

Sharon said...

Joania, you are getting soooo close to the 100lb mark....(lol, in case you didn't notice).

I am in for the tower climb! I am absolutely terrified, but I am going to make the attempt. Can't wait to meet you!

Amanda said...

You're going to climb the CN Tower?? That's AMAZING! Even though I've always lived in Ontario my whole life, I've never been up to the top... and since I stair climb... maybe I should climb it some day soon as well!

Good luck!

and Good job! Keep up your hard work. :D

Anonymous said...

Joania, I noticed your name on Kimberley's FB friends list and I asked her if you were the woman on the Participaction commercial. I just found the blog, and I am so impressed with you!

I just wanted you to know that I climbed the Tower in October. It was the most intense experience of my life. I had just turned 51 and I was 260 pounds at the time. I did it in an hour and 10 minutes. You'll ace it.

Great, great work. You are my new inspiration.

I'm Gail Waller on Kim's friends list.